Home Remedies for Eye Sty

Causes of eye stye

An eye sty is caused due to bacterial infection or when the oil glands around the eyelashes are clogged. A sty in the eye is usually a harmless development and can be treated at home.

Precautions and care for eye sty

Health experts advise against squeezing or popping a sty as this can be painful and worsen the infection. Maintaining hygiene is very important during an eye infection and one must always remember to wash hands after touching the eye that has developed a sty, as it is easy for the bacteria to spread to the other eye or someone else's eye. Sometimes, the sty may develop inside the eyelid and prove to be stubborn to get rid of; doctor’s intervention is beneficial in such cases as they may require to be lanced under sterile conditions. Large, abscessed sties that do not respond to home remedies may require oral antibiotics. Persons prone to getting eye sty are advised not to share eye make-up. Contact lenses should not be worn when an eye sty develops and doctors are known to advise persons about replacing these to stem recurrence of the infection, in certain cases.

Tips and Home remedies for eyes sty

The other over the counter remedies for eye sty include topical medications containing petroleum jelly and other emollients that help to keep the eye moisturized and thus, relieve the pain. The only drawback is that while these medications stop the redness, itching and burning they are not as effective in healing the infection started by the eye sty.